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Too often do we, while networking, have the tendency to pounce on a sales opportunity. I would suggest that it is instinctive. We hear those trigger words and suddenly our eyes widened and here it comes, sales pitch city, straight ahead. Woogie along with the friends that I’ve made through MGM have retaught me the fulfillment in helping someone with something you don’t receive a commission for and always looking to help and connect people first. And when that feeling I described above is coming, to pause, relax, know that you have a potential client in front of you, and treat them in a way that adds value to their life first and then yours. !


MGM Friends is there for your success and showing up has it’s benefits of food, fun, and fellowship of business professional collaborations!

Doug Smaus

The MGMs have given me opportunities to increase exposure for our business by presenting at monthly meetings and even facilitating a monthly meet and greet. So far, these new relationships helped me to build my clientele, grow my influence in Tampa Bay and connect other business professionals!!!!!

Chelsea Drinkard

Owner, Office Space Brokers

Since coming to MGM Friends for the past 4 months there has been a great increase in traffic to our business. MGM Friends is a great opportunity for like minded business professionals to gain relationship building over coffee. I do not know of any other organization that offers this type platform at no fee. This is a tremendous way to earn business from people you know, like and trust.

Georgianna Strickland

Business Development, Chameleon Custom Solutions

MGM Friends is unlike any other networking group out there. I am fairly new to the business world and MGM Friends has been a major contributor to my success thus far. If you’re looking to build strong relationships and meet some great people, I highly recommend visiting one of the many meetings per month!

Tyler Anderson


MGM is an outstanding networking organization in the Tampa Bay area.  Since day one when MGM began in October 2014 the opportunity to network and build professional relationships has been fantastic.  Whenever Troy University can assist business professionals with more education is very rewarding.

Carmen Federico

Recruiter, Troy University

“ No cost. No fees. No pressure. No penalty bucket. No expectations. I just show up with a smile and a bunch of business cards. EVERYTIME I meet someone new. EVERYTIME I run into friends I’ve made and business relationships I’ve built. MGMs are the most fun, most productive and now, most preferred business networking forums in Tampa. Come check us out!”

Jay Wazelle

Business Development, KW Commercial Services

April 28th, I presented MGM founder Woogie Bajgier with a free box of our amazing Black Gourmet Coffee, it’s his favorite. If it had not been for his inspiration and dedication we would not be Friends. I truly look forward to our mixers, they are fun, informative and great for our businesses. Thank you Woogie!

Ernestine Moss

Owner, Java Moss Cafe' aka Organo Gold

I have been attending the MGM Friends Meet and Greets for about 6 months and have really enjoyed meeting new friends in the relaxed atmosphere of the meetings. I have also been fortunate enough to be selected as the Facilitator for the MGM at Joe and Sons Olive Oils, as well as the food sponsor for the MGM at 5/3 Bank on Kennedy.

Thomas Rodenfels

Independent Financial Advisor , Waddell & Reed

I am so blessed to be part of such an amazing community of networkers that are always ready and willing to help. Karma is amazing because in this group you get just as much as you give! Thank you for having me.

Brook Borup

Owner, My Clone Solution

MGM is an amazing networking of business professionals. If you would like to share a story about an MGM Friend experience please submit the form below. If approved for the website your testimonial will look like the ones below. It’s a pleasure having you as a part of!

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I have been attending MGM Friends networking group meetings since 2014.  I think this is the best and most sincere networking group in all of Florida.  I try to bring 2-4 new people each time I attend so they can meet new people and network without pressure.  We are truly all friends and MGM is the way of the future.  The future is here thanks to many.  Keep coming to the meetings, and you will build great relationships.

JT Johnson

Owner, Liberty Legal Services, LLC

“What a pleasure to participate in the community of MGM friends : nice, business minded people that help each other. In 6 months, it has helped me building relations and growing my business. And I am based in Gainesville and only come twice a month !”

Cristiana Jones

Franchise Consultant, My Franchise USA

I am so glad I found MGM Friends, since going to these networking events I have met great people and contacts which have referred business to me and has help grow my business.
What’s is also great there is no pressure to attend these networking events or cost/fees. What a great group of people!

Ron Gomez

CEO/Owner, AnP Concierge Services

I’ve done a lot of (paid) networking and the experiences have been less than optimal. At my first MGM,  I was blown away! The professionalism, the camaraderie, the smiles and the relationships! Everyone at an MGM is there to make solid relationships and no one is in competition. MGM Friends is the most respectful and genuine group of people I’ve encountered in my professional networking life.

Monica Grajales

Owner, Bella Dermis Skin Care LLC